Foreign Exchange(4) Travellers Cheques
How They Work:
Cash Abroad
Electronic Money Transfer
In the US, UK, Europe and other westernized areas, cash machines can be a good way to get money as it works the same way as at home. Before you depart, check with your bank in advance that you can use ATMs in your destination country. Your bank should be able to provide a print-out listing the locations of ATMs that will work.
Some of the advantages of this option are its ease of service, and the fact that it can often be cheaper than changing money at a bank or bureau de change. But also be sure to check any commission charges and ATM fees before you travel, and check the exchange rates before you withdraw to make sure you receive the correct amounts.
Shops that accept ATM cards and debit cards for automatic payment obviously would provide the same service, but as always, check the fine print of your cardfs terms and conditions as using this system when abroad can incur a fee larger than it would have at home.

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